You’re ready to embrace your confidence.

You desire a community of professionals who show up for each other with unapologetic support.

You want to find your own unique voice within the movement discipline that you teach.

You recognize the value you bring to the table and are excited to share your gifts with the world!
(or at least your future clients!)

I’ve been there.

You know there is a next step, but you’re not exactly sure how to find it. You see others progressing in their teaching career and wonder if you’ll ever gain that confidence or direction.  And sometimes, you wonder if teaching movement was the right career choice for you…


For a long time, this was me, too. I questioned my worth, my decisions, my teaching.  I followed formulas that were designed with others’ needs in mind only to land feeling unfulfilled at repeated dead ends.  I felt bewildered and alone, but believed there had to be a better option for support.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one in the Pilates Community.   The good news, however is that this inspired me to launch my own journey of support.


It started diving deep into my own roadblocks and desires.  I worked with coaches and educational programs that helped me gain perspective about where I was spinning my wheels and where I could invest to gain more fulfillment.  From there, I launched Pilates Unfiltered™ Podcast, where I began sharing the conversations that were being had behind closed doors, in public.  I was convinced there were more of us out there that needed to know we weren’t alone in our professional and life struggles. Then it progressed to my private coaching practice, where I now work one on one with pros to help them gain confidence, perspective and develop a career/life pathway that works for them.
Today, I’m am so thrilled to announce the expansion of my offerings to include an exclusive mentorship program for movement professionals who are ready to move forward in their work with the support of an entire community.
In the Gem Seeker Group Coaching Program, you will:
Receive weekly accountability through group calls with me. We’ll check in, engage in a weekly focus, work through current challenges and support each other along the way.

Work to uncover the elements that are standing in your way as well as create strategies from which to move forward in your career.

Learn how to identify the opportunities that are in alignment with your experience level and how to leverage them to provide a platform for growth.

Learn effective teaching strategies for working with challenging client personalities, belief systems and physical limitations.

Work through client/employer/self challenges in with a mindset that takes your emotional and physical health into high regard.

Enjoy a group dynamic where the theme is “having each other’s back.”


When is the Next Session?

June 12 – December 11th, 2019

Options For Registration:

Three-month Commitment: $900

Six-month Commitment: $1200 (best value) 
payment plans available


Engaging into a coaching relationship with motivated professionals has provided me with the fuel to create a dream career of my own design. Today, as a result of embracing my personal gifts and owning my confidence, I enjoy working with movers, teachers, innovators and industry legends. Somedays, I can barely believe who’s number shows up on my phone or who’s message is in my inbox. My journey of empowerment has been beyond fulfilling and I truly cannot wait to work with the first Gem Seeker Group to guide you towards your own transformational shifts.

Applications for Enrollment is OPEN! I’ll be accepting applications from 5/8 – 5/25. Click the link below to fill out the application. Acceptance letters and enrollment completion will be sent out during the week of 5/28/19. I can’t wait to read your submissions and get to know the next group of Gem Seekers!

xo Jenna

Submit your application for the next session now!


Your weekly coaching includes my experience from the following professional relationships, trainings and certifications:


  • Fletcher Pilates Faculty Member – 2006 – 2016
  • McEntire Pilates Educator 2015 – present
  • Student of Master Teacher Ron Fletcher
  • Studio Owner, Helios Center For Movement, 2006 – 2017
  • Vice President Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce 2005- 2010
  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabrielle Bernstein, Level 1 & 2
  • May Cause Miracles Facilitator, Gabby Bernstein
  • Momentumfest Presenter
  • Skillful Mind Meditation Training
  • NLP Practitioner Training
  • Four-time PMA Annual Meeting Presenter
  • PMA CEC Provider
  • Professional Career Coach and Motivational Speaker 2016 -present
The work that I do with Jenna makes me tackle the hard questions, allows me to grow and to be the best I can be.
Her coaching has been life changing and the best business decision I ever made for myself.”
— Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates NJ