Move with me through inspirational educational offerings that marry movement experiences with teaching strategies – all in one class.  The masterclass series offers workshop-like classes that provide food for your teaching soul. I’ve created each session with the hungry teacher in mind! Be sure to check in as new classes will be added each month.  xo Jenna

Creative Mat Transitions

Learn an easy-to-remember organizational thought process to help you create smooth transitions in your mat classes that lead to memorable learning experiences for your students.

Common Ground

Blossom Leilani-Crawford joins Jenna in this unique offering. The duo share their experiences working with First Generation Teachers Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher through stories, conversation and some of their favorite variations of the same exercises.

Eat Your Veggies

We all experience parts of the method that we know are good for us, but tend to avoid for the “sweeter” pieces. In the first of this series, Jenna teaches a considerate approach to addressing some of her “veggies” on the chair, including pikes, teasers and step ups.

Ped-i-Pul Perspectives

Approach the Ped-i-pull through a new lens and learn the multiple applications for assessment, awareness and articulation through this curated movement experience.

Practical Play

Join Jenna Zaffino and James Crader for this collaborative webinar workshop where they explore the ultimate tool for exploration, self-expression, connection to community and of course, better movement for life! This 1.5hr class begins with a short lecture and follows up with examples of implementing play from a motor development mindset.

Shoulder Stories

Explore the stories that you tell yourself about the possibilities that exist for the movement of your upper body and change the narrative of your inner dialogue through a creative series that builds awareness of the optimal movement patterns for you!