Since the launch of Pilates Unfiltered,  listeners from all over the world have received their weekly dose of inspiration and education right into their earbuds.  The value of listening to the stories and points of view of our leaders and peers is priceless.  It is this element that led me to endeavor to add even more value to our listeners by offering Continuing Education Credits through the Pilates Method Alliance. 

Now you can earn you CEC’s simply by listening to a curated series that falls under the theme of history, business, innovation, inclusivity and therapeutic modalities.  The process is easy:

  1. Click on a series below
  2.  Make your purchase (There is a minimal charge that reflects the market value of 3 CEC’s)
  3.  Listen to the interviews in any order you like. (these files are just the interviews – no #jennagems, but that’s what the show is for!)
  4. Once you’ve finished listening, you’ll take a short quiz.
  5. Once you’ve passed the quiz, your CEC certificate will be emailed to you.

Be sure to check the dashboard regularly for new releases as the series become approved.

This series takes you on a journey through the roots of the method and how it has evolved into the vibrant industry we all know and love today.

Industry Development

This series discusses aspects of working with clients who require a more therapeutic approach to their movement practice,

Allied Modalities

This series discusses the elements of starting, owning and operating a small business or private practice

Business Development