GS: Enrollment Open

February Open Enrollment

Have I ever told you about what I did to shift my perspective?  About [fill in time here] ago, I found myself in a state of uncertainty.  I would show up each day to work with my clients, but behind the scenes, I was questioning if this was really “it” for me.  I loved my work, but my career felt like it needed more clarity and direction. When I found out about the Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program with Jenna Zaffino, I was intrigued.  The thought of learning more about what was underneath the technique of my teaching – the me part – was exciting. 

In addition, being a part of a forward-thinking professional community that provided support for each other was something I had been lacking.  

I joined Gem Seekers for six months, not knowing quite what to expect and emerged with a better understanding of my teaching philosophy, vision and purpose as a wellness professional and as part of a network of pros who truly have each other’s back.  

I’m sharing this today because I know I’m not the only one who’s felt lost in their work.  Having access to a program that is there to help you grow as a (movement/wellness) pro is a godsend and I want everyone to know it exists.  If you’ve resonated with anything I’ve written, it might be time for you to check out the program. Enrollment is open for the [Insert next session here] You can visit the link in my (bio/stories/below) to learn more about the program and apply.  I hope you’ll consider joining this community and growing in purpose and confidence, just like I have. 

May Open Enrollment

Hey Friends! 

I’m so excited to announce that enrollment is open for the Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program! I’m a proud graduate of this coaching program and as is the way of our community, am happy to share this opportunity to grow in purpose and confidence in your work with the guidance of my coach and friend, Jenna Zaffino.  

Learn more about the program and apply through the link in my (bio/stories/below). Questions?  DM me – I’m happy to tell you all about my experience.  

July Open Enrollment

This is the last chance to enroll in The Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program for [insert session dates here]. The application deadline is [insert date] and there are limited spaces available.  

This program changed the way I see my work.  I’ve always loved what I do, but now I am so clear on the “why” behind the “what” and have discovered opportunities for my work that I never dreamed were possible.  Check out the program at link in my (bio/stories/below) and be sure to get your application in by [deadline date]