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You Deserve Support

One of the smartest moves I’ve made in my career was joining a community of professionals from all over the world that come from different training backgrounds, levels of expertise, philosophies and visions for the future.  The community support I receive from The Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program has truly been a game changer for my professional AND personal life. We meet each week to learn a new lesson or skill and then have access to chat with each other in between sessions to work on assignments, challenges and just simply to connect.  

My coach, Jenna Zaffino is a disrupter for the GOOD stuff.  She helps us break down the impossible and make it seem, well possible! I know that no matter what I do, I have Jenna and my “Gems” behind me, cheerleading and supporting me along the way.   

If you’ve been feeling disconnected and desire to be part of a group that truly has your back, check out the link in my (bio/stories/below). There you can learn more about the program, working with Jenna and fill out an application to apply to the next session [date].  As a Gem Seeker, for one hour per week, you’ll be transported out of the uncertainty, busy-ness and overwhelm of your work and into a place where you are seen and served as a respected, accomplished teacher of movement – regardless of your training background.

Integration of Mind, Body & Business

As a continuing education junkie, if you’d told me 5 years ago that I would be engaging with a coaching group where mindfulness is a huge part of the process, I might have looked at you sideways.  Before Gem Seekers, I meditated occasionally and did the best I could to practice presence throughout my day. Through the tools I’ve learned with my coach, Jenna Zaffino, I now embody these principles.  

The processes I’ve taken my mind and body through show up in every aspect of my work.  From attending to my own needs as a priority to receiving feedback that helps me grow to gaining the confidence to explore my voice and philosophy within my work. Gem Seekers has positively influenced each aspect of my life and it can do the same for you. 

You can learn more about joining this amazing community at the link in my (bio/stories/below) and apply for the [session date] as well.  When we diversify the way we approach our work, as if it were a living, breathing thing, growth happens. I’m excited for you to check it out and DM me with any questions you may have.

What is Confidence Worth?

Most (movement/wellness) pros shrink back at the thought of raising their rates.  But when you fully believe in the services, energy and follow up that you bring to the table, asking for what you are worth becomes easier.  That said, it sometimes takes a little work to get to that point of confidence.  

Through the Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program, you’ll be guided each week through weekly meetings that help you feel seen, heard, respected, connected and part of something bigger.  And when these elements are present, your confidence grows.  

Check out the link in my (bio/stories/below) to learn more about the upcoming session [session date]. If you’re ready to grow your confidence and set yourself up for future success in your work, this is an amazing program for you! 

Professional Development 

Have you ever felt like you could do more with your role as a [pilates teacher/yoga teacher/studio owner/wellness pro] but weren’t sure how to start?  I know I did. That’s why I decided to work with Jenna Zaffino. I had followed Jenna’s work online and through her podcast, Pilates Unfiltered. Each time I would read, listen or watch, I found that I learned something that was not only helping my [teaching/biz owning/grow my practice] but I was also improving the way I looked at ALL aspects of my life.  Jenna’s tools helped me take my work to the next level of my potential and also improved the way I engage in my personal relationships.  

I’ve learned to take perspective, strategize through my roadblocks and grow my work in a way that is fulfilling and FUN!  The program I participated in is called The Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program and you can learn more about it when you visit the link in my (bio/stories/below).  If what you’ve read resonates with you, it might be time to check it out! Questions? DM me – I’m happy to tell you all about my experience!