When we gauge the success of our work based on the praise and approval of others, we risk missing an opportunity to deepen the message we wish to share with the world.  Teach From The Heart is a multi-series program that combines motivation, movement, meditation and writing exercises to infuse the passion for your work with deeper meaning.  Each series takes movement teachers on a deep-dive through the topics of Self-Assurance, Expansion, Navigation and Curiosity and gives you tools for discovery, self-support, and of course, meaningful teaching! 

Self-Assurance Series

The recommended starting point for Teach From the Heart, this series will remind you of the love for your work, allow you to see your roadblocks from a different perspective and offer you the tools to build your confidence from a grounded foundation of self-support!

Expansion Series

Building on the skills used in the Self-Assurance Series, you’ll explore the concepts of taking expanded perspective of your work, busting through your comfort zone and shifting into the gear that allows you to expand your mindset, movement practice and teaching skills.

Navigation Series

Roadblocks are inevitable in the growth process. This series offers you the tools and strategies to come back into alignment after facing difficult client situations, teaching challenges, energy depletion and movement burnout.

Curiosity Series

Working with the themes of certainty, fear and belonging, you’ll explore lessons that help you to discover the opportunities that exist for you when you release the limiting beliefs about your work and embrace the possibilities that have always existed for you.

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